Check Facebook groups for updates regarding red tide and swim conditions.
All swims currently tentative pending water quality.

Check the FWC Red Tide map for red tide counts.

Donate to Tampa Bay Waterkeeper to assist in red tide efforts.

to the Sunshine OWS Family!

Swim your first half mile, rock a marathon swim, or find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

Weekly Open
Water Swims

About Sunshine Open Water

Whether you're new to the open water swimming family or you're a familiar face out there, you'll find an event that's right up your alley - and right in your backyard - with the Sunshine Swim Series.

For 2021, the Sunshine Swim Series presents the iconic Sand Key Open Water and Rainbow River Race Mode
as well as distance challenges around the Tampa Bay Area.

There's something for everyone.

Sunshine Partners

The Sunshine Swim Series is made possible through the support of our local partners.
Thank you!